Stretches And Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

While at work, your muscles and the joints tend to get strained as you maintain a particular posture for a long time. A few simple stretches could help.

Physiotherapy Treatment For Sciatica

One of the main causes of sciatica is the stationary life that people lead. Zero amount of physical activity stiffens the muscles and hence aggravates sciatica.

Know About Safe and Unsafe Lifting Techniques to Avoid Back Pain

We never realize that something simple like lifting an object can land us in trouble. But, a lot of back injuries happen while lifting heavy objects in a wrong way.

Is Being Overweight A Cause Of Sciatica?


The extra weight puts excessive pressure on the spine making it vulnerable to injury. The spinal discs in overweight persons have a greater tendency to degenerate and cause severe back problems like sciatica.

Homeopathic Treatment for Sciatica

Homeopathic treatment, though slow is a very effective way to treat a perpetual medical condition like sciatica. Sciatica has a tendency to vanish and come back again in unknown intervals.


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