Before You Treat Sciatica With Massage Therapy

Massage comes across as one of the most obvious and popular treatments for sciatica. While a massage can be effective in treating sciatic pain, it is the choice of therapist that influences the results.


Daily Activities Sciatica Sufferers Must Watch

Are you suffering from sciatica? If yes, then there are several daily activities that you must be careful of to prevent your pain from worsening further.

Are You At Risk For Sciatica?

Sciatica is one problem that can affect one and all. However, there are many people who are definitely more at risk as compared to others.


How Do Badly Fitting Shoes Cause Back Pain

Wearing the right shoes is important for the people vulnerable to back pain. Shoes do not essentially trigger back pain, but, they are known to aggravate it.

All About Facet Joint Pain

Facet joints in our body can be compared to hinges. These joints are some of the commonest cause of back and neck pain. Extreme cases may lead to disability of the patient.


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