The Alexander Technique For Lower Back Pain

Is your back preventing you from playing your favorite sport? Are activities like bending or swinging your child in the air not possible for you?


Perfect Car Seating For Sciatic Patients

Sciatica is a painful condition to live with and even more so when you have to drive around in car seats that are not very comfortable.

Use Nerve Stimulator To Relieve Back Pain

As the quest for comprehensive back pain relief continues; more and more innovative treatments are being devised each day to address the problem.


First Aid For Back Pain

Sometimes, preventive measures may not be enough to block back pain. In such cases, it's best to stock up on some first aid tools to help you combat the pain- as and when it strikes.

Understanding Coccydynia

Coccydynia is definitely not a commonly known disorder. It is commonly referred to as tailbone pain or coccyx pain.


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