Facet Joint Syndrome

Lower back pain may be triggered by a variety of underlying diseases and one of the most common causes for the same is a condition called facet joint syndrome.

Osteoporosis And Back Pain

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder in which the bones become week as they lose mass. This makes an individual vulnerable to fractures on mildest external impact.

Detox For Sciatica Relief

It is a pronounced fact that our bodies absorb a number of toxins from the environment. The environment around us is so polluted that it leaves a lot of negative impact on our bodies in terms of toxin deposits.


Professions That May Cause Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for employee absence at the workplace. While there are several causes of the condition; at times; it may be triggered by the job itself.

Ergonomic Furniture And Back Pain

Most people haven't heard of ergonomic furniture. However, it is your best bet if you're looking to improve or maintain your back health- whether at office or at home.


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