All About Breakthrough Pain


Breakthrough pain is the one that occurs in people who are patients of chronic diseases and are taking medications for the same. Sometimes, in these cases the pain crosses the threshold of tolerance and so is has the name 'breakthrough'. Even the pain management medications do not help in this case. This pain is excruciating and the patient suffers a lot. Therefore, it is important to include the solutions to this breakthrough pain when planning the medications for chronic cases.

People suffering from cancer or the ones recovering from major surgeries or the individuals categorized as chronic cases of spinal injuries are at a risk of suffering from breakthrough pains. For these cases, a proper pain management schedule is designed to prevent this debilitating pain. But, these medications are not 100% safe and the patients remain vulnerable to this kind of unbearable pain.

Coming to the treatment of breakthrough pain, it is a kind of rescue medication that alleviates pain in not more than ten minutes. One of the options is lozenges that deliver medicine through the mucosa of the oral cavity. Then there are pills and other injectable medications that cater to the purpose. For the vulnerable cases, the doctors prescribe these so called rescue medications along with the normal pain management prescription. Also, the doctor makes the patient aware of the limitation that the medicine has to be taken to avoid overdose. For instance, the patient may be advised to take one lozenge every four hours when suffering from breakthrough pain.

The patients must know that there is a difference between breakthrough pain and the pain that shoots up before the scheduled dose of medication. The latter case can be simply handled by adjusting the medication schedule or by manipulating the dose amount. This case must not be treated with rescue medications as there would be no medicines left when the actual breakthrough pain is experienced.

Pain must not be ignored; especially when it is back pain, not only to better the quality of life but if the pain is left untreated, it may hinder patients' recovery. Chronic cases take time to recover. So, if the patients experience any pain they must take medication rather than bearing with the pain.

It is not easy to manage pain especially if it is a chronic one. Patients who experience severe pain are sometimes treated with high dosages of analgesics, opiates and the like as they are considered as drug seekers and these cases do not get the right treatment. Therefore, the doctors must be careful to prescribe the dose so that patients may not get addicted.

For the right breakthrough pain medication, one must visit pain clinics which specialize in assessing and managing these patients.