Back Spasms Are Painful


Spasms of the body can be frightening. And back spasms in particular, can be a debilitating and annoying condition to deal with and are usually indicative of severe back ailments such as sciatica. Here's more on why you may experience the same and what you can do about it.

Firstly, one must learn to differentiate between spasm and pain. A spasm may be defined as a powerful contraction or tightening of a muscle. Most patients feel that their muscles have taken on a rock hard consistency, as a result.

Typically, spasms serve as a defense mechanism of the body and are meant to provide protection to an injured area by limiting movements there. They're usually caused by abrupt and sudden movements or overextension of a tensed up muscle. The back has one of the largest muscles in the body and is therefore, particularly vulnerable to this ailment.

Spasms are usually triggered by a weakness or strain of a muscle. However, there are certain other factors that may cause back spasms as well. A tipped pelvis, for instance, is one of the most common reasons for contractions in the back. The condition is often congenital and is characterized by a tilted pelvis that puts undue strain on the other muscles and nerves of the body. In most cases, the problem can be corrected with the help of appropriate exercises.

Muscle imbalances may also be responsible for back spasm. They can throw the body out of alignment and thereby; increase the chances of developing the condition. Generally, people with poor posture are more likely to suffer from this health issue than others. This is because an incorrect posture can cause the muscles of a particular area to compensate for others, by pulling the body out of balance. However, -as with a tipped pelvis- this condition can be reversed successfully with the help of suitable exercises.

An injury or accident could result in back spasms as well. Lifting heavy objects at home or at the workplace, can result in damage of the back. Auto accidents may also trigger back spasm as well as injury of the neck and other muscles. In either case, it's best to consult a doctor to determine the severity of your condition and find treatment accordingly.

There are certain home remedies you could try, to combat back contractions. For starters, you should lie down for a while to let the spasms subside. Alternatively, you could try applying ice to the affected area to soothe the irritated nerves and prevent inflammation. You can then, follow up this treatment with heat therapy and use a heating pad to eliminate the pain as well as the spasms.

Gentle stretching movements, coupled with massages of the affected area, may also help you deal with back spasms more effectively.


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