Daily Activities Sciatica Sufferers Must Watch


Are you suffering from sciatica? If yes, then there are several daily activities that you must be careful of to prevent your pain from worsening further.

While walking helps you keep mobile and prevents your muscle from stiffening further, walking the wrong way could aggravate your sciatica pain further. Be careful of your posture as you walk. Your back should be upright and shoulders straight. Also, make sure that you have your neck up as you walk. Many people walk with their head down, which could worsen the pain further. Also, be careful of your shoes. It is recommended that sciatica patients wear flat shoes when they walk. Heels can create an imbalance, and worsen the pain further.

Sitting for long hours at a stretch could perhaps be the biggest mistake when you are suffering from sciatica. For all those, who are involved in a sedentary job taking a short break after every few hours is a must. Go for a stroll in the office corridor or simply practice some stretching exercises at your seat itself. Also, you must be careful of how you sit. Your spine should be straight and shoulders erect. If possible, go in for a chair that offers lower back support to prevent the pain from worsening further.

Sleeping is one activity that most of us tend to take for granted. However, most people suffer from back pain simply as a result of wrong sleeping posture. Ideally, you should sleep with your back straight and arms parallel to the body. However, if you are in a habit of sleeping sideways, make sure that your knees are slightly bent. This will ensure that there is no unnecessary strain on the back. Also, sciatica patients must be extremely careful of the mattress they use. The mattress should neither be too rigid nor too soft. While a very hard mattress will hurt your back, an extremely soft one will sink you in, aggravating your sciatic pain further.

Incorrect lifting is one of the most prominent causes of sciatic pain. Using the wrong lifting techniques could strain your back muscles, which could trigger back pain or worsen existing pain further. It is suggested that you bend in your knees and not in your back whenever trying to lift anything. Also, make sure that if you are lifting anything heavy; use both your hands and not just one hand. Using both the hands helps distribute the weight equally.

Dealing with sciatica is not all that difficult, provided you are willing to exercise some caution. Be careful as you go about these daily activities and you will be able to manage the situation.

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