Dealing With Work Related Back Pain


Work and back pain go hand in hand. Only not really! Back pain at work can easily be avoided provided you exercise a little care and caution. Here are some simple yet extremely effective things that you can do to steer clear of work related back pain.

Sitting with good posture is the first and foremost thing that you need to do to avoid back pain at work. More than often, people deal with back pain at work due to posture. Sitting in the correct posture can help prevent your existing back pain from worsening further. In addition, it can also help prevent sciatica and other forms of back pain. As you sit, make sure that you are right on top of your sitting bones.

Take a break. This is perhaps the most important thing that you ought to do if you wish to combat back pain. When you are sitting for long hours, you tend to exert excessive strain on your muscles. This in turn leads to back pain. Taking a break after every few hours ensures that you use muscles other than those used for sitting. This mobilizes the joints and helps avoid back pain.

Experts recommend taking a break after every hour for those who are involved in a sedentary job. You may go for a stroll in the office corridor. Alternatively, you even have the option of performing simple stretching exercises right at your desk. These exercises are helpful in dealing with sciatica and other forms of back pain. Besides, practicing these simple stretching exercises will keep you active through the day.

Yet another common reason for work related back pain is improper lifting technique. Did you know that you cause a great deal of harm to your back when you lift anything incorrectly? Hence, you must ensure that you use the right lifting techniques. Make sure that you are not bending at your waist as you bend down to lift something. Also, twisting while lifting anything is a strict no-no.

Instead, whenever trying to lift anything, stand right in front of the object at a comfortable distance. Now, bend in your knees and hips and not in your waist as you bend down to lift the object. Make sure that you keep your spine as long as possible, as you lift anything.

You will not have to deal with work related sciatic pain or any other form of back pain for that matter as long as you stick to the above mentioned precautions. Remember, your back is important and taking a little extra care to ensure your spine's health is only worth it.