How Do Badly Fitting Shoes Cause Back Pain


Wearing the right shoes is important for the people vulnerable to back pain. Shoes do not essentially trigger back pain, but, they are known to aggravate it. Here are some facts about back pain caused by ill fitted or the wrong kind of shoes.

Shoes affect your spine and back- Feet can be called the foundation of the body, as they support the entire body. Mechanically unsound feet change the balance of the body and patients with this problem often feel pain in their back. And, if these patients wear uncomfortable shoes, the pain aggravates further. So, it can be concluded that comfort of the feet is one important aspect that can't be ignored when diagnosing back pain.

Shoes can contribute to pain- there is good chance that ill fitted shoes can exacerbate backache. In case of low back pain, if the doctor is unable to find problem with the back, he must definitely check if the feet are comfortable and if the lower part of the body is aligned. If not, change the shoe being used for a more supportive one or use a shoe insole to get rid of the problem.

High heels and alignment of the body- High heels disturb the alignment of the body. It causes strain to the lower back because you are not able to walk in the right position. Therefore, the lower the heel, the better it is. Physicians do dot advice a heel of more than one and a half inch. It is bound to cause trouble sooner or later. You must know that heels cannot be worn for long distances. Even in a professional environment, women must wear them as less as possible. During office hours, if you are to walk a certain distance, you must use sneakers and change in to heels where necessary.

Are flip-flops less supportive?- This question will be answered in a 'yes'. Wearing flip- flops for a long time can cause strain to the tendons and the joints. If you already have a mechanically unsound foot, wearing unsupportive shoes like flip flops can cause trouble. There are various pains related to unsupportive shoes, like, arch pain, ankle pain, knee pain or heel pain. You can conclude that flip-flops are good for pool sides and beaches only. In long distances, they are sure to cause trouble because of the lack of a heel counter.

Sneakers and qualities of good shoe- Sneakers are best shoes because they provide a good heel counter and the rigid mid sole is extremely good for support, even better than shoes with a Velcro strap or loafers. Insoles or inserts can also provide good support in some cases. Therefore, if you are vulnerable to back ache, you must look for a shoe that has a good heel counter and is perfectly vertical. Shock absorption is another important aspect that you must not miss. The example of good shoes are walking or running shoes.

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