First Aid For Back Pain


Sometimes, preventive measures may not be enough to block back pain. In such cases, it's best to stock up on some first aid tools to help you combat the pain- as and when it strikes. Back pain first aid serves as the first line of defense against the ravages of the condition and allows you to treat the problem without having to immediately run to the doctor. Here's more on the same.

The appropriate first response to back pain can reduce its overall impact on your life and day-to-day activities. The right first aid can help you recover within a few short days or weeks, without necessitating a visit to the physician. It can also help you prevent any future onset of pain in the region of your back.

Believe it or not, the best way to reduce your pain is to work through it. Giving into the pain and taking a break could prove to be detrimental for your back's health. You should therefore, try and continue with your everyday activities as normally as you can to help improve the condition. And, while bed rest may allow you more comfort; it will prove to be counterproductive when it comes to pain relief.

In certain cases though, the pain may prove to be too severe to ignore. In these cases, it is always best to use over the counter pain relief medication such Paracetamol. You may also use stronger drugs such as ibuprofen for more intense pain. Don't wait till the onset of the same to take the drugs though, and instead, try and take pain killers as regularly as possible for a more comprehensive respite. However, do remember to consult your GP or pharmacist before taking any medication over a long period of time.

An appropriate exercise regimen could also prove to be an effective first aid remedy for your back pain. You should ideally get in touch with a physiotherapist or a qualified exercise professional to help devise a workout program that suits your specific needs and requirements. A simple set of gentle stretches could also help reduce the discomfort.

Hot and cold packs may serve as effective pain relievers as well. Easily available at pharmacies and drug stores; the packs should be applied to the affected area for instant pain relief. If you can't access these packs, you can try and improvise by using a bag of frozen peas as a cold pack. However, do remember to wrap the cold or heat pack in a thin towel or cloth before applying them to your skin.

Use the above given first aid tips to relieve back pain. If you're looking for a more permanent solution though, you can try the following preventive measures such as maintaining correct posture and appropriate physical activity for the same.