Handling Sex While Suffering From Sciatica


Sciatica is caused due to spinal nerve compression. It is a painful condition that might make it difficult for you to undertake everyday tasks. Apart from the normal activities, sex life of the sufferer is bound to get affected due to the physical and mental trauma.

Concerns related to sex and sciatica
Sciatica can seriously affect the sex life of both - men and women. It can be painful and quite a put off for both the partners, especially the sufferer. This limiting condition might make sex quite uneasy and create emotional differences in an intimate relationship. Sex and suffering from sciatica

Flexibility and ability to execute movements without pain and discomfort is the key to good sex. But the symptoms of sciatica such as numbness, tingling, burning sensation and weakness make it tough for the sufferer to perform the sex moves. Such hurdles cannot be trounced easily. It is seriously a brave act to "get into the mood" with a hurt body and prepare the frustrated mind to perform the act as the pain would not shun away easily.

Couples who manage to do away with the pain and prepare their mind to assure a healthy sex life, despite depredations of sciatica, do not get to enjoy sex properly. Their sexual acts are limited and they don't enjoy it all.

So What's The Solution?
Obviously! You need to get sciatica treated as soon as possible, but it can some time to heal completely. But, how would your partner (who is not suffering from sciatica) react to it? Would he understand your pain? Well, this is what a relationship is all about. Understanding each other and being together despite barricades is what we call love.

* Talk to your partner and tell him/her openly about your problem.
* Give sex a try once, even if you feel uneasy and uncomfortable while performing it.
* Start your sex session by setting up the mood as it would draw your attention away from pain. Go for a hot shower together or give each other a massage. Have an intimate conversation.
* Don't let stress creep in, just because you are not able to perform sexual acts properly. Frustration can further take a toll on your body and make it impractical for you to perform sex or spend good intimate time together.
* Give your partner all the freedom and try to explore new ideas of sexual expression.

Try new positions for a rewarding voyage towards exploration. Also, don't shy away from discussing this matter with your doctors as they can surely tell you the best way to deal with it.


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