Sleep Right To Fight Sciatica


If you are suffering from sciatica, watching your posture is perhaps one of the most important things that you need to do. However, most sciatica sufferers man their posture only while sitting or standing. But, you need to be equally careful of your posture while sleeping too. Here are some tips that will help you with the same.

The first thing that you need to do to ensure that you sleep in the right position is offer your body support. If you are sleeping in an unsupported position, you are bound to deal with back pain. There is no one size fits all solution as far as the right sleeping position is concerned. A particular sleeping position that may be right for a particular person may be stressful for the other.

So, try sleeping in different positions to ascertain the positions that stress your back. Also, when you try different sleeping positions, you will be able to figure out, which areas of your back need support. Consider offering support to these areas with the help of a pillow.

One of the most common sleeping positions is sleeping on the side. When you sleep on your side, your legs and hips are aligned. However, the upper leg remains unsupported. As a result, the upper leg tends to slide forward, whereas the rest of the body slides backward. This leads to rotating of the lower spine and consecutively lower back pain. You can easily overcome this problem by placing a pillow between your knees and thighs as you sleep on your side. This will offer support to your upper leg and ensure that your body remains aligned.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach if you are already suffering from sciatica or any other form of back pain as this could aggravate the pain further. The reason for the same is that sleeping in this position exerts an increased pressure on your back. Besides, it creates too great a curve in your back. This results in back pain.

Many people who are suffering from sciatica will find that sleeping on the back is better. If you too choose to sleep on your back, then consider placing a small towel below your hips for additional support. Also, placing a pillow under your knees will be of great help. It will help ensure that your body is well aligned and hence prevent back pain.

Be careful while you sleep. Even if it will not help treat the problem, it will surely help ensure that the problem does not aggravate further.

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