Walk Away Lower Back Pain


Until some time back, chiropractors and medical practitioners would recommend sufficient rest to anyone suffering from lower back pain. But, not anymore! Today, doctors recommend an active lifestyle along with regular walking to most of the back pain sufferers. Several studies and research have revealed that walking for three hours or more every week can help reduce lower back pain.

Many people prefer to opt for back exercises over walking to relieve sciatic pain naturally. However, it may come as a surprise, that there are certain exercises which can worsen the pain instead of relieving it. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health established the effectiveness of walking for lower back patients. The study analyzed 681 lower back patients. One group of lower back patients practiced various back pain exercises, while the other group practiced three hours of brisk walking per week. After few weeks, it was discovered that the group practicing exercises experienced more pain and distress.

While walking can help reduce sciatic and other forms of lower back pain, it is important that you walk right if you want to achieve results. One must adhere to the correct walking posture to get rid of lower back pain. Avoid leaning forward, leaning backward and keeping your head low. All these posture mistakes can worsen your pain further.

If you really want to walk away back pain, make sure that you stick to the right walking posture. The right walking posture requires you to stand up straight and not arch your back. Keep your eyes forward and try to look at least 20 feet ahead. Make sure you have your chin up as this helps reduce the strain on the neck and the back. Let your shoulders relax and fall back slightly. Suck in your stomach and tuck in your behind. Now as you walk, rotate your hip slightly.

You also need to be careful about your arms as you walk. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees. Many people clench their fists tight as they walk. However, this needs to be avoided as this can increase blood pressure. Hands should be partially curled. Also, the elbows should be kept close to the body. When you walk, ensure that the arm, which is opposite to the forward foot, comes forward. Your hands should never go higher than your breastbone.

Walking, if practiced the right way can work wonders for sciatica and other forms of lower back pain. However, it is important that you be consistent if you really wish to alleviate back pain naturally. So, start walking now and within no time you would be able to bid adieu to lower back pain forever.

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